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The crazy wild life of Greg
Well yeah, I guess this is how it goes.
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26th-Nov-2006 03:36 am(no subject)
It's happening.
That all important shift from the half-hearted fall holiday spirit, to the overflowing, all encompassing glow that springs up in my body around christmas-time.
The die-hards have put up their lights already, and all of the downtowns have been holidified (new word, check it)
Those wonderful night drives home from friends' houses become a little more magical with holiday music and Christmas lights.

But I'm getting ahead of myself--I haven't even given Thanksgiving it's proper send-off.

So here we go, Thanksgiving With the Petersons

We planned to leave early.
Early came and went and alarms were snoozed and bags weren't packed.
An hour or two past early we got on the road.
Mom dad, a couple bikes and I in the van heading first to starbucks, then to Peoria!
Haha I freaking love my family once we get on the road together. Someone is always mad for the first 10 minutes. We didn't get out of the house fast enough, someone forgot their sunglasses, someone wants different music...it's always a little bit ridiculous when a family of last minute people try to get somewhere on time.
Someone always ends up turning the tables within the first 10 minutes though...whether it's my mom fake swerving around the roads to make my dad smile even though he doesn't want to, dana or erika being whiney cute, dad starting his taped trip journal, or me just being weird.
Anyways, the trip wasn't bad, I got a nice little nap in, and my parents were hilarious.
Got to Peoria and said hello to the family. Fabulous to see everyone, especially Kara and Meghan! Some of the fam couldn't be there, so my uncle brought huge pieces of paper for us to all write messages and draw thanksgiving related pictures on, then send them to the various missing parties. It ended up being reallllly cute. From my little cousin scribbling "What IS a turkey?" to a very detailed drawing of the Mayflower, sparking the question of whether or not the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria were part of Thanksgiving or Columbus discovering the new world...the discussion went on for way too long.

We talked, we caught up, the kids played video games, and then we ate. And did we ever eat. A holiday that centers around eating--well, you know I'm all for that!
Then possibly the most exciting event of thanksgiving occured--Moonball. A game my cousin and I invented awhile ago...basically, don't be surprised if you see it in the 2008 olympics.

Anyways, then we had dessert, and played with the little cousins, and all of that family wonderfulness. Then sadly I had to get home...work Friday morning at 8AM. So right as Grey's anatomy started, I unfortunately had to be out the door. It was taped, but I can't say that it didn't hurt to know that I was missing Meredith's primetime monologues.
But the drive home...the drive home was phenomenal
I shuffled my ipod, and for the entire 2 hours and 15 minutes I was obnoxiously uninhibitedly singing my heart out. I belted out everything from Rent to Madonna, from Nsync Christmas to Johnny Cash. I went through over 200 songs picking the best and the most sing-alongable selections. It didn't matter if it was octaves too high or dirrrrty rap, I was all about it. The only low point of the trip was finding out that my version of Aerosmith "Don't Want to Miss a Thing" cuts off in the middle of the chorus...at a particularly embarassing time to be screaming out lyrics I might add.

I got home and rescued the dog from her solitude at 26 North, and made a call to the padres saying I was home safely. My voice was beyond hoarse from all of the singing...but I wouldn't take back a second of it! It was suuuuuch a release! It should be recommended for therapeutic purposes...I might just look into starting up a clinic about this...haha. From there I decided the dog had been alone in the house for too long, so we snuggled up on the couch and watched Party Monster, an incredibly campy movie where Seth Green and Macauly Culkin tell the true story of the club kids of the 80s and 90s and the ridiculousness of it all. I can't even describe how much I enjoy this film.

It was bedtime after that, and I have to admit...I still get scared sleeping in an empty house. I turned off all the lights and ran upstairs. I'm getting better though, I didn't make a barricade in front of my door like I used to! Baby steps, baby steps.
Work Friday was obnoxious. I got a nosebleed at a table which was terribly embarassing...but I'm pretty sure I ran away before they could really notice. I was an odd mix of annoyed/bored/loving people. I dont know...pancake will do that, screw with every mood you've got! Made about 100 which wasn't bad. Came home and pretttty much crashed. The dog was being a bit obnoxious though, barkin like crazy, so I laid downstairs with her til the fam got home from Peoria around 5. Took the dog on a walk with Dana, and we shared stories of the like 12 hours we'd been away from each other haha. Good times.

Lou Malnatis with the crew shortly followed that, and due to the lighting of the trees in DTN, it was BEYOND packed. Our reservations kept on getting bumped back, but all was forgiven once we ate brushetta, pizza, and cooookie pizza! Got a calls from Ken/Ryan about Wild Thursdays--turned wild Fridays, and decided to be crazy and join them! Ran home and grabbed some clothes and basically flew to Ken's (without speeding though!! I'm being so good about that, I need to keep my license yo!) They were ready to go, so we headed right to the city to try and make the pre 10:30 free entry...didn't end up happening.

Got there and there was quiiite a line. Ken, Ryan, Jack and I were the crew for the night, and we got in and heard the oh so familiar spanish beats that usually take up the last hour of the night. For some reason, they kepppt on playing them, and we probably would have been outta there if we hadn't just spent $10. The tides turned though when we heard the bumpin bass of a "sweet dreams" remix and headed for the floor. We danced, we sweated, we rested, we danced. We met friends, danced with friends, talked with friends, and danced some more.
Haha, overall it was a blast, and though briefly and illegally...Ken and I made it up to the stage and danced our little hearts out, soberly for once! In all honesty I was probably worse off without the booze, but Ken knew how to work it haha.

Headed out shortly after that, and decided the night was officially a success. Went to Jewel for some much needed beverages and then headed back to Ken's to say goodbye. Got home and hit. the. hay.
Work the next day wasn't happening so I called in. I felt miz for some reason and Dana was beyond help haha.
Slept in, ate cupcakes, cleaned, and met Allie for lunch at Chipotle. We gossiped over burritos/burrito bowls and had an overall fabulous time. Headed back to my house to chat some more and play some more mario party...haha we are all about reminiscing these days. We got terribly annoyed with the game though and almost ended up throwing our controllers through the window. We decided a smarter decision would be to turn it off though! And we did.

Haha, the night after that involved cleaning, napping, a thanksgiving-esque dinner with the mom and dad, and a goodbye with Ryan and Ken. Wathced 2 episodes of QAF and realized despite all of the trashiness and negative stigmas attached to the show...I really really enjoy it. It's fun, it's wild, and the character development is real. Said bye to them and of course Buster and was on my way to Lex's (of course only listening to Christmas music!) Got there and sat around the fire for a bit, and then retired to the basement when it got chilly. For some reason N64 just looked too enticing for us to pass up, even though we've neverrrr played video games together. Haha, had a blast though, gotta love Mario Kart and Mario Party. Headed home and well, recapped this thing!

Now I'm going to enjoy sleeping in my bed one more night, and take a deep breath.
I'm going to need it to get through these next few weeks.

Tonsa love to everyone in the Ville I didn't see.
I'm home in a few weeks :)
23rd-Nov-2006 02:51 am(no subject)
You know those moments where you see your parents doing something and you think...wow, I toootally got that from them.
Well I most definitely had one of those moments tonight!
When I got home from the mall, I go downstairs to say hey to the padre, and he's in the basement blasting the college radio station. He's all about the alternative music. So this really fast, pseudo punk song is playing, and i see my dad working on his bike, hardcore bouncing around to the music. He turns around to bash his imaginary drum set and there I am standing there. He gets a little bit of an embarassed smile, and we just laugh fora second--it was probably the best moment of my day.
Switch his band for some lame but loveable paris hilton song and you have me cleaning my room yesterday.
I really like catching people in moments like that, it's just so...i dont know; human?

All I can say about the day overall is that it was a crazy one from start to finish!
Woke up for work around 7, and got there at 8...worked with E$ and Donna. Katie was hostessing, looking adorable as usual. It got turbo busy really fast, and it stayed like that all day. Emily had to go to court, so it was just Donna and I and WOW. At one point I had 13 tables, and like 8 of them were sat at once, it was INTENSE. I literally almost broke down. But people were understanding, and very generous tippers, and by the end of the day I had made an upresedented $170 in tips...which blew my freaking mind! I know I should have been in saving mode...but I had to had to HAD TO celebrate with a little trip to the mall.

Stopped at best buy first and thank everything my camera was still under warranty. It has been through some rough times to say the least. It'll be ready for more fantastic photo action in 2-3 weeks, I can't wait! haha, this is the 3rd time using this warrantee. Yikes! Then I bought two movies that I am thrilled to be able to add to my collection, Party Monster and Imagine Me & You. Both wonderful films if you have not yet seen them. After that I headed to the mall and it was pretty crazy. Went to the gap with intentions of exchanging something for my mom...then I saw one men's small inspi(red) shirt and I had to buy it. Then I saw various other items, and there I was at the register, arms overflowing. This is a common problem of mine. Flash forward to H&M where I was terribly torn between a hat and a shirt...and for whatever reason, I picked the hat! I'm really excited about everything I bought, so I spose that makes it worth the money spent right?

From now on though...I'm saving saving saving.
Europe isn't going to pay for itself now is it?

After that I watched ANTM and I won't spoil anything, but WOW, it was the most heartstopping ending ever. I didn't expect it at all! It was so cute, but tragic, but amazing, and jaw dropping. Basically, everything reality TV should be. I dont know what I'm going to do when it ends, it kills me to think that it's only two episodes away from the finale! I suppose it's better that it ends before I vacation, so I can leave with that chapter of my life neatly tied up, haha.

Rachel picked me up after that and we headed to Ryan's for a little neo-q-crew gathering.  It was terribly exciting to see everyone, it had been so long! We chilled in Ryan's room and then headed to Oberweis to get some ice cream. Mine was alright, Laurie's was amaaazing, and I pretty much became moochy mcmoocherson. Then we ran, yes literally ran to blockbuster for no apparent reason. Ended up going back to Ryan's house in hopes of either watching John Tucker Must Die or playing a board game. We got all snuggly on his bed while he searched the house for the perfect game, and let me just say...spooning with Rachel and Laurie made my night complete. I've missed spooning terribly. I need to get back in the habit of doing so regularly, so U of I get ready!

We ended up playing outburst remix for awhile, which was pretty fun, but we got over it pretty fast and ended up taking tons of pictures. Too bad it was pretty much my least photogenic night on earth! I dont think I liked one of the pictures taken...oh well, what can ya do?? Said our goodbyes and headed home after that, and Rachel and I decided that we needed a little trip to the Wendy's drive thru...just for old times sake. Turns out as the clock rolled past midnight and officially marked thanksgiving 2006, we were eating 99 cent nuggets and fries, and having our own mini thanksgiving feast. It was perfect. We discussed the old times, and the old q-crew, and sighed about people changing and lost innocence. At least we've got the memories though.

Came home and here I am.
To anyone reading this on or even after thanksgiving...I wish you only the best on this fantastic day.
There's a kids book I read when I was younger called Thanksgiving with the Tappletons.
It's been mentioned before in the good old LJ, but never on the actual date.
After several thanksgiving day mix-ups by each individual relative, the Tappletons find themselves with no food to eat at dinner time. As Grandpa Fred's stomach rumbles, they are all about to break down and turn on each other when they remember that Thanksgiving isn't about the turkey the pie or the trimmings...it's about the company you keep and being thankful for the great things and people in your life.
The blessing provided by the wise grandmother pretty much sums up all you need to know about this holiday...

Turkeys come and turkeys go,
Trimmings can be lost you know.
But we're together--that's what matters,
Not what's served upon the platters.

Haha, call it corny and lame and whatever else you will, but that book teaches just as many life lessons as any philosophy book out there...with much better illustrations too.
So your mission for today is to...
Eat like you'll never eat again
Take some time out for the fam
And tell some people in your life that you like havin them around...it could just make their thanksgiving!

Tonsa t-day love!
22nd-Nov-2006 02:47 am(no subject)
Disclaimer: Due to previous examples of my livejournal behavior...do not, I repeat DO NOT get used to this being updated. For whatever reason, I am on some sort of writing streak, but I fear that eventually it will just turn into the short, choppy, yawwwwn entries I so often produce.

With that stated, happy Tuesday!

I woke up barely before noon today, and it was official. Today was the day I was going to clean my room. For those of you who don't understand the challenge, let me describe...

My name is Greg Peterson, and I'm a packrat. For the past I dont know...year? much to my parents dismay, I have been living in squalor. Clothes that should have gone to goodwill years ago create mountains in the middle of the room, opening the door sends a cascade of old papers and notes from my desk, and most everything is covered with several layers of dust. For whatever reason, the idea of throwing out a ticket stub to a movie I saw 5 years ago makes my eyes well up with tears. It doesn't matter if I liked the movie or absolutely hated it. That ticket stub needs to stay--end of story, which is probably one of the main reasons why I'm in the situation I am. (I have papers from elementary school hidden away...not even good ones...) Every time I've come home, the parents ask..."So are you going to finally clean that pit of yours??" and I say, "Of course!" and we both know that it won't happen.

This trip home was different though. After a long day of work, in my weakened condition, I was cornered by the madre and bluntly told that this room NEEDED to be cleaned. Basically, my life at home would be much less comfortable if I didn't comply. I mumbled agreements and went to my room to nap in protest. That night, and the next day I picked around at it, and made a little progress, but you could hardly tell. But today with no one in the house, and a bunch of CDs I hadn't listened to in foreverrr, I took the initiative and rocked that room.

I dusted.
I vacuumed.
I sorted.
I filed.
I arranged.
I rearranged.
I danced.
I rested.
I got back to it.
I sang.
I moved furniture.
...baby, I cleaned.

After 7 hours of on and off cleaning, with a dog walking trip and some piano practicing in the middle...one half of my room was SPOTLESS. I had to call it quits then, but I have much confidence in the thought of finishing it sometime in the near future. I took a much needed shower and got ready for my date with Ally! She picked me up and we headed to Chili's where we indulged in 2 appetizers and 2 meals. We barely even touched the second meal and had to get it boxed up. We were all set to see Happy Feet but then plans changed and we decided to reschedule. It was amazing to catch up and gossip and eat queso, and love everything.

She dropped me off at Oster's house after that for the official picking of Secret Santa names!! We waited for everyone to show up--and waited--and waited, and then it was finally time. I was really, really excited this year for some reason, and the name I picked only made me more excited! We had some minor cheating and peeking going on, but what can ya do, oh those girls haha.

I was mega tired and needed some sleep because I've got another day of pancake comin up in T minus 6 hours! I am jetting downstairs to bed after this, and I couldn't be more ready for it.

Onnnnne more quick story though.
Haha so this morning I was on the computer in the attic listening to music. For some reason itunes was really quiet so I turned the volume up realllly loud which made everything else on the computer really loud. I was like whateverrr, threw up an away message, and went downstairs. I cleaned my room for the next like 7 hours, and after my mom left I started hearing weird banging noises coming from the attic. The first few times I was just like hmm...probably just something falling, or the house. Then it KEPT happening, and I'm a baby when I'm home alone, so I started getting really scared. I called my dad and he was like, yeah there's probably some scary man living up there. I was not amused. Dana freaked out and told me to get out of the house. I was like whatever, and just shut the door realllly tight. I'm in the hallway and I hear a creak and a slam...the noise registers something in me, and I realize that it's people SIGNING ON AND OFF AIM! The noise I'd been afraid of all day was stupid AIM noise!!
Oh boy.
Another smart play by me.

Anyways, it's time for bed.
I sure hope tomorrow's a good day at work, I kinda need it!
21st-Nov-2006 03:56 am(no subject)
Today is the kind of day that makes Thanksgiving break something to look forward to.

A lazy morning, a cute afternoon, and an evening I want to keep in a bubble forever.

I woke up around noon to an urgent text message saying that I should probably tune into Tyra because Fergie was on! Ha so I took Patrick's advice and rolled out of bed to see these two fabulous women in action. Watched a bit of that, talked to the madre and had a delicious breakfast of some eggo waffles (hahaha i hadn't had those since like high school)

Then I started the intense help out around the house mission. I did laundry, redecorated the living room like 4x, cleaned up the basement and worked a little more on the room. After that I had the pleasure of taking the adorable dog out on a walk with her adorable pink and green argyle halter leash. Haha we ran down the streets and she rolled in leaves, and it was overall the perfect way to say gooodbye to fall, and get ready to welcome winter.

After that I got ready to go to the city! I showered up and wore my fave 'new' seven jeans and started getting mega excited for the pretty spur of the moment trip to Chicago! Cleaned a bit more and watched some Arrested Development while I waited to get picked up by Zider, and to everyone's surprise and excitement...I was actually waiting outside on the porch swing when they pulled up! Haha, I'm usually the latest of the late, running around everywhere at the last minute, annoying the crap out of everyone waiting for me in the car. Not tonight though!

Picked up Richard and drove to the city. Made pretty good time and got phenomenal parking outside Lex's apt. Went inside and immediately fell in love with the place. Adorably trendy decorations filled everywhere from the entryway to the laundry room. It really did look like 'home' 'sweet' 'home' as was painted in front of every elevator entrance. We checked in and dashed upstairs to see more of this fabulous apartment building and of course Alexis! Got there and were in awe of the apartment. It was gorgeous, and so well decorated! We were obsessed with the fact that a Christmas tree, full of white lights and ornaments was already up and ready, displayed beautifully in front of the huge windows looking out to the city. 

We got the tour, talked to Kirsten and caught up a little bit. Then being the crew, all decided we were turbo hungry and headed for our dinner destination--The Grand Lux. Jumped on the El and had a little walk through the recently lit up Michigan Ave, and basically loved every second of it. Got to the restaurant and ventured up to a booth on the second floor where we all grinned and gasped excitedly when all we could see outside the windows were strand upon strand of christmas lights. The atmosphere was inviting, the conversation hilarious, the food phenomenal, and the company...well the company basically blew me out of the water.

We indulged in huge meals, and gut busting desserts, and of course took a few 'omg i love life' pictures, probably annoying every single patron in the dim (but wonderful) lighting of the Grand Lux. Enjoyed Pete (our waitor)'s company immensely, but decided we should hit the road back to Lex's apt. Maybe it was the fact that we hadn't been together for so long, or the fact that we'd shared an obscenely rich plate of chocolate molten cake...but for whatever reason we were beyond giddy and picture craaazy. Christmas lights SNAP, walking SNAP, laughing SNAP.
"Can you take a picture for us??" became one of our most used lines throughout the night.
The quality varied from very poor (Haha, although much work went into it) to perfectly captured. We went a little out of our way to dance around under the weblike Christmas lights next to the old water tower. We pretended we were on friends and took pictures in a fountain covered in lights in place of water.

Then possibly the most magical event of all occured. As we beamed and dreamed of horse drawn carriage rides, Alexis went up to the driver and asked just how much it would cost for us to get a ride to the red line. She came running back to us glowing, telling us that the driver said we could just jump on and go for free! The five of us had hardly been more excited in hmm, our entire lives?? and absolutely jumped on the opportunity. So we rode in that carriage, through the beautifully lit streets of Chicago, waving to every passerby, glowing with the surrealness of the experience, and the night as a whole.

We reached our destination, thanked the driver profusely and took pictures next to the carriage and of course the horse...who got a little friendly and nearly knocked me over with his head! It was so soft though, I loved every second of it haha. We got to the El station and were so into looking at pictures and recounting our night, Zider and I didn't realize that the train was starting to move. I fell in my seat and Z almost toppled over, drawing all sorts of 'omg' eyes over our way. We just laughed and laughed, and laughed some more throughout the entire ride. More pictures were taken, and more stories were told, and amidst this all we completely lost track of time and went about 3 stops out of our way.

We jumped off at Belmont and had the funniest platform experience I've ever experienced. In the yellow glow of the platform lights, we danced and laughed and had a ball, probably annoying the hell out of everyone around us. Haha, it was one of those moments where you dont even think other people existed...one of those nights where you and your immediate surroundings are ALL that matters in life. When we finally caught the right train, we continued to be our crazy selves on the way back to Fullerton, and laugh laugh laughed our way back to Lex's apt. Took a few more pictures and then retired in room 303 for some (not forced at all ; ) kool aid!

I read my US weekly, Richard his teen people, and we chilled for a bit before heading out. Finished our kool aid (some honestly, some via the sink), said our goodbyes and began the final leg of our journey...the trip home. Richard requested that Zider conquer her music ADD and finish a whole song, so we did that for awhile, and she was being a fabulous DJ. With only a few confusions between left and right, and some merging confusion, we were finally on the highway, heading back to the ville.

We got the pleasure of Zider belting out her Celine Dion, and picking songs that flowed perfectly into the mood of the trip. At times we sang along, at times we looked out the window, and I'm pretty sure at times we also all thought back to what an unexpectedly magical night this had turned out to be. At the winfield road exit, the trip was nearing an end and Christmas music was playing, and wow.

I just wanted to stay in that car forever.
17th-Nov-2006 04:00 am(no subject)
Haha maybe it's because I'm in one of my favorite sweaters.
Maybe it's because I'm going home tomorrow.
Or maybe it's because I had a blissfully lazy night...

But for whatever reason, I'm really happy right now.

I have to pack all of my stuff still, but I think I'll leave that for tomorrow  morning.

I'm feelin a little crazy...let's go oldschool Greg LJ/xanga and recap the day!

Well being Greg Peterson on a Thursday, I didn't have class until noon. So of course I woke up at around 11:30 and almost couldn't make it out of bed! I think the gene for going to bed early-ish was left out of my body...
Anyways, when I woke up it was freezing in my room, and so warm in my bed that I just had one of those, pouty shove your face in your pillow and try to pout your way out of waking up moments. Sadly, I had a chem quiz to take so I got myself out of bed and onto facebook--it's like my coffee.
I worked out the other day, and since it had been so long, I really felt it today. At least I know something got worked!
Anyways, my chem quiz was abysmal as usual. I feel like I need a major miracle to do even ok in that class. Sigh, maybe studying would help too. I'm totally going to do so over break...maybe.

Since I had to work Tuesday, I missed my piano lesson...which is unfortunately becoming quite a habit. Chin-Fei is such a sweetheart though, and lets me reschedule. Which is where I ran off to after chem. I got to listen to the end of another teacher singing phantom of the opera while my teacher accompanied, it was great! The lesson went ok...I'm nervous to have to play in the recital, i'll probably end up backing out at the last minute. Sigh...what an interesting night that should be.  After that I had to literally jet to my bio lab, which went pretty fast thankfully. I really really like the people in there. We made jokes about phenotypes and mating today...aaaand that's the stuff you leave in lab...it gets so much less funny when brought up later.

After that I had to grab a quick lunch at subway and I have to say that their cookies are phenomenal. I do enjoy Jimmy John's bread though...after that I went to meet Matt for a discussion on the midterm elections. As unpolitically saavy as I am...I actually enjoyed it. Probably because I felt so collegy. Ha, no but I did make it a goal to become at least a little bit more politically aware in the near future...maybe this is just step one. A very small step one. Walked a bit with Matty and he departed to a night of coffee and papers, and I departed to a night of (so I thought) Christmas Lights and relaxation.

Got back and the roomie was sleepin, so I just chilled cuz I didn't want to wake him up. Hung around, showered, facebooked, watched Grey's and eventually, after a few chats with the sisters, made it down to food of love! What a way to get in the fall spirit! Pumpkin donuts, pumpkin gooey cake (SO GOOD) and pumpkin mousse pie. Oh my goodness, the food was delicious and the company magnificent. Ate, talked and did all those wonderful things people do while cooking and cleaning and such.

When that was through, headed upstairs with Nico and Dana to deliver a pie to Ria. Had the pleasure of running into her AND Paulina, which was lovely as usual. Said some goodbyes and we all went our separate ways for the night. throw in a few hours of late night IMs and a little bit of packing, and here I am. Ready to finish things up tomorrow and head on back to Naperville. I'm terribly excited to see my family and friends from home.


I feel like Dorothy, only luckier, cuz I get to go back to 26 North.
And Nutmeg is way cuter than Toto.

4th-Oct-2006 12:37 pm(no subject)
I have class in 23 minutes, and it's like 80 degrees outside.
Even though I woke up at 10:45, I'm kinda tempted to stay in and take a mini-nap instead of going to EALC.
My fan's goin, my bed's comfy...why should I leaaaave?
Ugh...midterm in the class on Monday. Sad day.

Guess I should roll outtttt
Time to walk to class with some sweet tunes playin on the ipod, that's riiiiight.
I'm in an oldies mood at the moment.
29th-Sep-2006 02:56 am(no subject)
I just IPOD shuffled my life.

Here's what we've got in store for me TOMORROW...

~"The District Sleeps Alone Tonight"--Postal Service
~"Jump for my Love"--The Pointer Sisters
~"Take me Out"--Franz Ferdinand

Well it appears it'll be a lonely night...maybe because I have too high standards, and am too bossy?
OR, I could be taken out in the near future...

Here's what the WEEKEND total has in store...

~"Be My Husband"--Damien Rice (Nina Simone Cover)
~"This Year's Love"--David Grey
~"Ordinary Life"--Kristen Berry

WOW! What a weekend I've got in store, apparently I'm going to meet the love of my life...but we'll attain that run of the mill but always gives you butterflies and makes you crazy ordinary love.

The following WEEK...

~"Omaha"--Counting Crows
~"Geek in the Pink"--Jason Mraz
~"Sweet Dreams"--La Bouche

Haha, I'll be a nerdy dreamer, wishing to be in far off places...like Omaha! haha.

And my LIFE overallllll...

~"Freakalude"--Basement Jaxx
~"Not ready to make Nice"--Dixie Chicks
~"Breathe"--Anna Nalick

Well...I'm just gonna have to get my freak on more often, have my angry days, and always remember to breathe...just breathe...

I can take it.

OMG, the fire alarm went off at fucking 3:15AM
Seriously people, who pulls a fire alarm anymore...gross.
Anyways, I was embarassed cuz i was just about to change into pajamas...but then it went off, so I was still in jeans and a cable knit sweater while everyone else was in pajamas...Felt like an iiiiidiot.
My RA started crowd surfing, it was mildly hilarious.

Anyways, bedtime.
17th-Sep-2006 02:12 pm(no subject)
Ugh I hate that I've been one of those people that just writes a random clip of a song lyric every now and then and calls it a blog.

Yeah yeah, love the songs and such but who wants to know that I like an old death cab song or a random verse from a counting crows song that hasn't been played in like 10 years?--Moral of the story. When I actually get around to writing in this thing...there will be substance!

And by substance I don't necessarily mean anything life-changing, amazing, or terribly exciting. Maybe just an update on my life here, a funny story there, and tons of awkward moments along the way.

So, I had a wonderfuly wild weekend!

It all started Friday night.
(as most weekends do)
It was the most gorgeous evening ever, walking around campus was amazing. The sun was just starting to set, and I swear the sun lit up every single cloud in the sky which gave the world this insane golden glow. Regardless of whatever color the sky was...it was just one of those days you want to skip/jump/freeze and get a picture of it to encapsulate the perfect moment.

 Zider was a badass and came to La Cocina between sorority things and then PHack came to meet us.  Let me just tell you...La Cocina has CHANGED! The speakers blow you out of the room when you walk in, but you can't even move because the line is so freaking long. The food wasn't amaazing,  but we also came very late. I'll have to go on time next week and see if my view is any different. They also ran out of effing sopapillas, and that greatly upset me since they're like my favorite things on earth!

Anyways, walked back to Allen and started on project "make Brett a going away/birthday thing that doesnt completely suck" and let me tell you...it was quite difficult. I cut pictures, angled paper, designed letters, cropped, outlined and more for hours and hours until Zider called me. I showered and got ready to go, and worked a little more, then found out we were going to some apt party. Threw on some clothes and met  Z in the 6 pack. Got stopped along the way by some guy that said "Hey brotha, where all the butt naked booty ass hoez at??" Haha gave a little laugh and pointed him in the direction he was going.

Anyways, Zider found out the party was overr and everyone headed to the bars--but different bars. We were waay too sober to go to Joe's where all our friends were waaasted, so we decided to go to Murphy's to catch up. Got there and were like mehhh should we really go?? and ended up going to Antonio's and eating some pizza. Realized ALL of our friends were in Murphy's, so we headed back after that and saw that the line was TWO YEARS long...seriously. We ended up cutting (i know i'm a douche) when there was this big gap in line. Finally got in and Zider found a 21 bracelet on the ground! haha lucky daaay. Got ourselves some long islands and hung out with the always fabulous Katie and Rachel. Katie was out of controlll and I loved every second of it.

Ran downstairs and found Allie!!!!!
It'd been forever, and it was grreat to see her. We talked and caught up a bit, then I ran into like every gay person on the face of U of I...haha well like 15 of them. It was Jason's birthday, so that was pretty sweet. Hung with them, got some more drinks and decided we really wanted to daance. Went upstairs and caught up with the HS kids and Rachel again until FOOTLOOSE came on, haha. we went a little bit crazy on that one. Had a great time though. After a long discussion about after hours and much flip flopping, zider decided to head home. I walked her a little while, then headed over to afterhour's at chris's house.

Haha I thought it was going to be a craaazy dance party but I got there and Kill bill was on. After the birthday boy didn't seem satisfied with this, I screamed for a veto, and someone ended up putting mean girls on, which was a step in the right direction--but no dance party. After drinking some more and being a little whiny, those of us who wanted to dance ended up in Chris's room going crazy to Dan's ipod tunes. Haha and were we ever a spectacle. Imagine like 10 gay guys, 2 couples, the rest friends, drunkenly going crazy to today's (and yesterday's) hottest hits. It got so hot in there and we were all sweating like crazy, but needless to say I had a blast! It was like C-street...without the darkness, strobe lights, POUNDING music, and making out.

Got outta there and headed back to the dorm to further work on Brett's present...a litttttle bit tipsy still. Prob not the best idea. Woke up the next morning feelin goood. Decided I needed to hardcore work on the going away thing, so I buckled down and got nearly done, then called Matty to figure out the plans for the day.

**OMG I just had the most terrifying flashback of my dream last night**

SO...part of it, I was driving somewhere...or in the back seat, and there was something in my ear, so i pull it out, and like the entire inside of my ear comes out! It looked like a dark honeycomb attached to a bunch of tubes and such...it was gross, and i started frrrreaking out. Next thing I know, I'm running through a building with Brett, racing to the top floor. We get to a window and there's this little pod you can stand in, like 100 stories above the ground. There's a table that wobbles that's got nothing underneath it, held up by like iron poles. I have to climb on it to get into this window covered in plastic wrap with a tiny hole in it. I step on the thing and grab hold of some very shady looking metal handlebars above my head, and almost start bawling cuz it's so high up and scary. I try to open the plastic wrapped window but i can't, and Brett's just telling me to goooo in. And I freak out, and end up somewhere completely different at a party--it was bizarre.

ANYWAYS--showered, finished the project, and Matty & Brett came to pick me up for Curtis Orchards! It was a perfect day for it too! Got there around 4, met up with Jake and Kristen and got to picking apples! We wanrdered the rows of apples, illegally cutting through the rope barriers between the empires and the jonathons, the gold and red delicious, illegally eating apples the entire time. I say--if you're in an apple orchard picking apples, you should be able to eat them. I spose it's just the way I was raised.

We found out which ones made the best pie and went at it. Took some sweet pictures along the way. Ate delicious apple cider donuts, petted goats, took obscene childlike pictures in front of cut out figures and took way too long in a children's maze. All in all, it was a lovely experience, and I hope to go back sometime soon. After the orchard, we went over to Jomarie's to say hi, and she was watching Grey's Anatomy! Got kinda sucked in and Brett Matt and kristen went to get the pie crust while Jomarie and I drooled and gaped while sitting in front of the best television show on earth.

The pie crust came and we got to work! We totally could have made a cooking show--and ya know what, we kinda did. Cookin with sass. Haha, we sliced up all the apples, matty made the cinnamon sugar filling part and it just worked like a dream haha. I dont know when the last time I lauhged that hard is. We were out of control and elated for some reason, I should do a study on apple's effect on the seratonin levels of human brains or something...

Jomarie continued to be very accomidating and let us use a bunch of ingredients, supplies, and her oven! She's pretty much the best. She even help us with the apple cutting, teaching us the age old techniques o f apple cutting passed down from her grandmother and mother. Needless to say, you can't buy this kind of pie in any supermarket. Made with love and laughter, with 3 slits on top, one by each of us! We then headed to bobo china for the buffet!! It was delicious, and very reasonably priced. Sadly they were out of the veggie spring rolls for the vegetarian boys...but I pretty much struck gold. It didn't stop any of us from having at least 3 plates of food. Delicsh.

Walked to late night to get ice cream for the pie, and upon my insitance on using up points Brett got his fave, a latenight pizza, and matty got some muffins. I decided I should run back to Allen to change and grab Bretts thing. Got all ready and Zider decided to come meet us for a quick dessert/goodbye to brett. We ate our pie and it was heavennnn. Seriously...if we ever go broke, we will make millions starting a pie making company. Zider got there and she tried this fab pie, and agreed.

Laughed up a storm then gave Brett his book, tons of funny pictures so it was a good time. I'll miss that kid! Haha, so then Zider and I had to go to Cly's to meet up with the HS friends, but we were 100% sober and weren't all about that idea. Brett offered to get us some alc at the gas station. Came out with the cuuuutest little bottles of vodka i've ever seen! One for each of us...haha i'm still cracking up thinking about how he was like "it's like i'm your dad and you're my kids, and i'm like...here you go, one for each of you--but that's all you get this week!!"

Good times, Zider and I were basically alcoholics finishing our bottles in the corner while everyone else soberly talked. We got all good and wasted and said our teary goodbyes to Brett. I think I hugged him and matt like 7x each. It was so sad, but not even real feeling. Thinking that he was the last of 'pod abroaders' to go, makes me start to breathe fast, and feel claustrophobic. I can't believe they're all gone/leaving monday morning! Aw, well only til DECEMBER. But that's for a few paragraphs down...BE EXCITED.

Zider and I had a lovely walk to Cly's, walking arm & arm, talking about everything and nothing, as we so often do. Got to Cly's and both had to pee sooo bad. She ended up taking a picture of Laura Mac smashing her face up against the window from inside, it's tooo funny. Got in and it was bummmpin. It was my first time at Cly's. Gotta love it! Ran into Maya, Carrie, Kim, Maria, Kunie, Brownie, and of course Lmack!! Danced like crazy, frequently utilizing the conveniently placed poles. Got my first drunk dial of the night from Jeff-o but I couldn't even hear cuz i was in the middle of craaaziness. My second drunk dial--was very unexpected and I dont even know what to make of it! I spose we need a sober dial to figure that one out haha.

Anyways, Ran into Nicole from OTB and talked to her, while getting very upset that Zider was in the bathroom for "What a Feeling". We left the bar with everyone, and they all went their separate ways while Laura Zider and I headed over to Zeta Psi to see neal. Get ready for the funniest walk of my liiiife down Green Street. We were in that drunken, "we're the shit" state of mind, so of course we're struttin our stuff, smiling at people and makin friends all over the place. Let's first recall how many pizza places there are on green street. Many, yes? Let's talk about how we walked by everrry one of them, and Zider goes up to everrry guy with a pizza box and asks him "Hey man, can i have a piece??" and then Laura starts in on it, and we are craaaacking up, raking in the free pizza and it's phenomenal. When they say no Zider's like, "well FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, i dont need your fuckin pizza you jerk. You are a LOOOSER" Haha and I pull her away and get ready for the next guy with a pizza box. We ended up with 4 free pieces. hahahaha.

We had a lovely walk to Zeta Psi including much skipping, and a trip to the top of Krannert. We saw a guy sitting by the lights and screamed about how illuminated he was. Took pictures on the steps, and laid down on the rocks to look at the stars. Took more pictures and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to bury me in these rocks. Decided to stop that one and head over to Neal's...bearing rocks of course.

Got there and had a nice little reunion with Billy, Viral, Beth, Laura Pardon, and Neal. It was grrrreat. Went inside danced a bit, got some sign taped to me and ended up on the couch with a beer, very tired. Zider and I chilled then talked to Ian for a bit and Laura decided it was time to go home. Walked back with them and stopped in Jimmy Johns for some bread. Charged $2.13 on my card for a loaf of bread and felt reallllly stupid. Walked home eating that crazy thang and said bye to Laura and Zider. Ended up staying up waaay too long on the computer and just havin a grand old time talkin on the phone to zider and patrick.

Then I woke up late--missed breakfast with laura, missed the apple orchard, and have been writing this rather than studying. Love my life? yeah!!

OMG last thing I swear.

I am officially going to EUROPE over winter break!!

I leave December 27th.
I return January 11th.
Get to stay for Christmas.
Back with 4 days before school.
And I get to see many of the loooves of my life!

My flight is being booked as we speak, AND I get to fly with Matty!

This is the best day ever. I love everything!!
I dont even mind that the rest of my day involves studying for a bio exam and practicing piano!

haha so many exclamation points.
Whew, time to get back to the grind, this was a nice little break.
Smile, it's a lovely (though rather cloudy) day!
7th-Sep-2006 01:07 am(no subject)
I'll sit and wonder
Of every love that could've been
If only I'd had something charming to say.
2nd-Sep-2006 01:10 am(no subject)
When you get down to the heart of matters...
It's the heart that matters the most.
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